Finally ... a Straight Forward, Step by Step How-To-Guide giving you the correct and updated information you will need to claim your UIF.


  • Spend time trying to figure out the official websites
  • Drive all the way to the UIF
  • Pay petrol
  • Pay parking
  • Stand in a queue for hours

...only to be sent home because you have wrong/incomplete information?!

You can save yourself all this hassle with our user friendly guide.


Dear Fellow Unemployed,

Are you looking forward to spending your day standing in a long squashy queue at your local labour department?

What if you had to stand in that same queue many times, each time with new information? My name is Tracy Venter, my colleagues and I have personally gone through the whole UIF claiming process when our company closed down. In order to make the UIF claiming process as hassle-free and as fast as possible we decided to make accurate information available to the public. We therefore have made special contact with the UIF administration offices. The information in our guide is updated continually as any new changes are made.


The UIF system is very confusing and the official websites do not give you the correctly updated facts. I waited in a queue from 09:30 to 12:30 at the Dept of Labour. There I discovered that I had the wrong information! I had to go and get the correct documents. When I returned to the Dept I had to stand in the same queue I was in earlier! I eventually left for home at about 16:00… only to discover a big, fat parking fine on my car’s window.

A document like this would have saved me a lot of time and a parking fine… - E Viljoen, Stellenbosch



Like many of you who may have been retrenched one of the first things you do is look out for other jobs and investigate the UIF. I have an honours degree and computer background so I thought it would be easy to figure out what I needed to do in order to claim. I even contacted a friend who was recently retrenched for information.

When the day came that I decided to claim I spent the morning getting all my papers ready, drove all the way to the UIF, found parking, stood in the queue for hours – only to find out that I missed one detail! I had to leave and join the queue again, from the start, on another day!

That is why we have gone to all this effort, so that you do not need to go through the same. I've laid out a simple and easy to understand guide for registering for the UIF that you can obtain in the next few minutes.


Following this foolproof guide YOU can register for UIF FIRST TIME.


This guide will give you:


Thank-you for your report about how to claim UIF. I have received my first cheque and all went well.

Document is spot on… - Stefan, Tableview


I was retrenched at the end of December last year and was totally daunted by the idea of registering and claiming UIF - 1st time in my 22 year working career - yuk!! A fellow work colleague / retrenc hee and I purchased your how-to documents and got prepared. We went fully armed with everything, including sandwiches, cool drinks, deodorant, etc.. to the Goodwood satellite office. We were both out of there (must be a world record) and we had far too much info with us ... Many thx for having had the initiative to formulate what you have done - a great help and certainly recommendable to others...

Must have been a world record - Martin, Goodwood


The value for money provided by this site is really impressive. If you total the time you would spend in queues and doing the research from disjointed and out of date government sites its easy to see that buying the guide from here is no-brainer. Thanks again for a clever time-saving and frustration-avoiding product!

Time saved and frustration avoided. - John, Cape Town

In order to give you even more value our guide also has a section on claiming UIF for maternity, illness, adoption or death benefits.

Armed with this information you will be ready. You will be ready to register without any hassles, hiccups and unnecessary delays.

Our guide will enable you to:


Yes, it really CAN be that simple. That is if you have the correct information.

You have just gone through the stress and strain of loss of income, why add to that stress by a lengthy UIF registration process?

Why not learn from others who have gone before you? We have made the mistakes and stood in the queues numerous times so that you do not have to!

It is really up to you.

You can swop your petrol and parking money for this step by step guide with the added bonus of saving yourself hours in stuffy queues! You can download the guide right now for only R125.

I think that is a fair trade.

The truth is, we are so confident that our information is going to help you that we guarantee it! If you follow our step by step guide and still have to go back to the UIF we will give you a full refund. All you have to do is drop us a mail with your situation and your bank details.


That is right! You have had enough stress and strain when you lost your job, we want to take that all away! Therefore we are giving you a 100% peace of mind 100% money back guarenree - paid out instantly.



To Your UIF success!


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PS. What is the point of going through all the hassle on your own when you can get our guide for the money you would have spent on petrol without it?

PPS. Do not let the process frustrate you! Our guide will ensure a smooth, fast registration - first time!