How to claim UIF

Frequently asked questions


Q: Can I claim UIF?

You can claim unemployment benefits if you have been dismissed or retrenched. You can also claim if your contract has expired and you have been paying monthly UIF contributions.

Q: When can I claim UIF?

You can claim UIF from your dismissal date up to 6 months after your dismissal date.

Q: How much money will I receive?

With the How to Claim UIF guide you will receive a calculator which you can use to work out an estimate on the monthly income that will be paid out to you.

Q: Is there any tax payable?

No tax is payable on the UIF benefits.

Q: How do I know it is secure to pay via credit card?

Payment is done through a nationally recognised online credit card company called MonsterPay. MonsterPay guarantees 100% protection up to US$1,000.00 against unauthorised payments sent from your account. To view MonsterPay's buyer security information click here.

Q: What happens if I get a job while claiming UIF?

Your new employer will register you for UIF. As soon as they do this your work status will be on the dept. of labour system and you should stop receiving your UIF benefits. If you leave your work and you still have UIF money available you can re-apply to receive it.

Q: If I retire, can I claim UIF?

Yes, you can claim benefits for the last 4 years that you have been contributing to the UIF. You will need to follow the standard UIF claiming process as described in this guide. On the UI-19 form under reason for termination of employment you will need to write retirement.
Please note, you will need to apply within 6 months of ending your work or you will not be able to claim. If you are under 60 you will also need to fill out the UI2.11 form. If this is the case payment of UIF funds is not guaranteed but at the discretion of your department of labour.



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